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Breathwork has always been transformative for me. Between breaking down emotional barriers, moving and releasing, stuck negative energies, and receiving intuitive messages, the personal growth alone has transformed me.

Hello Fear...

You are welcome to join me but you will not be driving.

Jenna Michelle

Choose Love

Upon returning from an amazing journey in New Mexico with my new found breathwork family, people that understand my soul upon first connections, I realize how much growth can happen in just a short week. This Universe has given me a purpose in life.


A Note from Jenna Michelle, healer, writer and Breathwork Coach:

I am constantly inspired by human connections, by our capacity to love and come from love if we allow ourselves, and our everlasting desire to saturate the mind and soul in a deeply rooted happiness for life. I believe working with Breathwork Meditation can shape the future creating a more vibrant, loving Earth for us all to live in. It has changed my life and brought forth the deepest love I’ve ever known and I want to help bring this love and healing to as many people as I can. 

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