The collective and allusive “they”, say It takes somewhere between 11-21 days to change a habit. So what happens if we went way beyond that? What if we pushed far beyond what habitual changing behavior requires, and empowered ourselves every single day, for 30 straight days? How might this change your life? I know what you’re thinking, every 30 day challenge gives some sort of life-changing promise. Here’s the thing though, this is not a challenge connected to a promise and a result granted by me. The game changer is YOU.

You have the power to take control of your own life, and that my dear friends, is the power behind this challenge. For you to see that you are your own healer, and sometimes it just takes a little support from those around us, a boost in our own inner confidence to make that change you’ve always been wanting.

So here it is - the 30 Day Breathwork Journey. Right here, right now, make a pact to yourself to commit to doing breathwork once a day, everyday, to commit to the exercises, once a day, everyday for 30 days. And most of all, commit to bringing that big open-mind, and that big open-heart of yours every single day.

Then... watch your life change.