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Bossladies has a successful women’s magazine featuring women that are changing the world, a massive social media following, sold out co-working sessions and new groups launching all over the world. Women everywhere are intrigued by this simple, inquisitive, and powerful brand Chelsea has created…


The room was buzzing and no one had even entered the room yet. The thunder downstairs from the noise of the 500+ people wandering around the Marketplace was electric. The Yellow conference was beginning with the MC introduction, then the Founder’s speech, then me…


I was going on my first podcast in a few hours, and not only was it a live recording podcast event, but it was for a program that collectively had over 60 thousand followers. To add to the mix, I was going to be on the podcast alongside a doctor, what he calls, a doctor of breathe. Nerves were certainly prevalent in my body…


A Note from Jenna Michelle, healer, writer and Breathwork Coach:

I am constantly inspired by human connections, by our capacity to love and come from love if we allow ourselves, and our everlasting desire to saturate the mind and soul in a deeply rooted happiness for life. I believe working with Breathwork Meditation can shape the future creating a more vibrant, loving Earth for us all to live in. It has changed my life and brought forth the deepest love I’ve ever known and I want to help bring this love and healing to as many people as I can. 

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