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I am a laugher. I believe that laughing can be the simplest answer to many of life’s strange dilemmas. I find people, their stories, their interests, their talents and shortcomings fascinating. I love building relationships, because I believe there is no end to the depth in human beings and their natural capacity to love or change a life. It is this love that brought me to Breathwork Meditation, and after a decade in Marketing, and on a soul-searching journey for deeper purpose, I felt a sense of urgency to bring this breathwork message to the world. Thus began my journey studying with the highly respected worldwide author, healer and breathwork teacher, David Elliott. 

From philosophical, life conversations with friends to analyzing and working to push people forward and find their true and highest potential, I’ve always found it important to look deeper. Ask the tough questions, let your body percolate, just be with the information that it brings and you experience soulful evolution.

I teach weekly classes, workshops, private sessions and corporations, helping clients bring awareness to and work through their own stuck energies. I am passionate about creating a practice that is right for your unique-self and best helps you through the experience you need to go through. Infusing David's Breathwork teachings with my life coaching beliefs, I'm honored to coach my students to a higher-state of consciousness, as we work through subconscious blockages and achieve what it is YOU want to create/do or change for yourself and your life, this year. All work is centered around healing oneself and opens us up to come from our natural state of love, thus creating a better place for us all to live in. 


Jenna, healer, writer and Breathwork Coach, believes in the personal power of oneself and works with each client to help them re-discover their self-love and higher-truth. With an individualistic and holistic approach, she pulls from a toolbox of intuitive thinking, therapeutic conversation, essential oils, crystal healing and musical sounds to guide students deep into a higher state of consciousness. A natural born connector, she is a human development writer regularly contributing to online publications most recently Thought Catalog, and Liminas Magazine.

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