Breathwork is an active meditation breathing technique that creates a heightened sense of awareness inwards emotionally detoxing the body. You lay on the floor taking open mouth breaths inwards, hyper-oxygenating the bloodstream. This in turn stirs the second chakra, which is where many negative emotions sit. As emotions begin to stir, you exhale and begin the technique again. Through this exercise, your body is moving stuck emotional energy, often times releasing negative energies and opening up space within to breath in new life. The whole experience gives you the opportunity to come from your most natural state, pure love. 


Benefits of Breathwork

  • Improves everyday surroundings through relationship development and more balanced temperaments

  • Increases open communication with others, strengthening relationships

  • Establishes ability to have an open mind

  • Creates awareness of self and world around you

  • Promotes self-love

  • Strengthens positive attitudes as it allows us to come from our natural state –LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE

Breathwork is for you if….

  • You are ready to release the stories that have been defining you in this lifetime

  • You are looking to find a deeper connection with yourself, others and your everyday life

  • You are looking to bring awareness to blocked energies in your body

  • You have difficulty opening up your heart and receiving love

  • You are ready to see how beautiful your life can truly be

  • You’re human, and want to find more love within yourself and the world around you


Private sessions and Services

*Private Breathwork sessions are also available via Skype or phone, please indicate Skpe or phone upon inquiry. 

*Discounts available when purchasing by the package, please send me a note if you're interested.

Why Private Sessions Instead of Group Classes?

Private sessions allow for a deeper, 1-1 experience between you and I. In our time together, I work to help you uncover what it is you want to do, create or change in your life. Once we identify those key moments, we develop a project plan that allows you to see the possibilities that are in front of you, and and use that as a guide through our sessions. With Breathwork Coaching, therapeutic conversation and the powerful tool of your own breath, we work to release that which no longer serves you, and bring in with intention what you've been looking, working and manifesting in your life.

corporate sessions

The benefits of Breathwork are massive, both in and out of the workplace. By offering Breathwork to your employees, you're giving them an opportunity to improve their everyday perspective, create balanced temperaments and self-awareness, establish an open-mind, increase open communication thus strengthening relationships and so much more.

I teach weekly corporate sessions through health and wellness programs, and stress management and clearing workshops and labs. For rates, please contact me directly 

group classes, healing circles, workshops and other breathing opportunities on "the events" page