“i trust her energy and her heart.”

I have known Jenna for a while now. She always strikes me as a positive person, always interested in what you have to say and opened to help as much as she can. When she started the Breathwork I was interested to try because I trust her. I trust her energy and her heart. The experience was indescribable. Her place is so warm and uplifting, she takes care of you, she explains you in details the process and where it will take you. You leave the session in peace, relax, connected. The Breathwork makes you go places you haven't been before. You connect with yourself deeply and make you fully aware of your soul and body. I am forever grateful to have been through this experience.



“I felt so open, aware and excited about what I had just experienced.”

I took Jenna's class not knowing what to expect. When I walked out of that one hour session I felt so open, aware and excited about what I had just experienced. That hour brought me so much clarity; it allowed me an hour where I was able to explore myself, both mind and body, and connect to something I still can't necessarily put into words. Along with my personal experience, Jenna made the environment so welcoming and calm from the second I walked in the door. Her passion when she spoke of Breathwork made me want to live what she had experienced and she helped me accomplish that through her guidance. I can't wait to go back for more.



"I have always been interested in different modalities of healing and am so happy to have Jenna as a breath-work guide.”

As a natural teacher, Jenna is caring and intuitive and consistently makes me feel nurtured and uninhibited when leading me through breath-work sessions. Her attentiveness and queuing make for a liberating experience, all the while she maintains a safe and sacred space. I am so grateful to have Jenna as an instructor, I always leave our sessions feeling lighter and brighter than before. Thank you!




“jenna is the real deal.”

Jenna Reiss is the real deal.  Her Breathwork class is uplifting and inspiring with music to match.  There are few breathwork classes and hers is the best.  Why? Because she sets the tone by the way she IS, meaning you can feel it in the air upon arrival.  The music, essential oils and gentle adjustment to my shoulders were appreciated.  Here's the show-stopper; she gently but powerfully challenged us to continue breathing beyond the point where most stop - a feat for sure.  There is something curative and at once healing - without being old school patchouli.  At the end of the class, there was a pervasive peace and relaxation in my mind and body that was apparent throughout all the students.  I'm definitely going back, and encourage anyone to experience the magic that is Jenna.

— sarah

“truly amazing and inspiring.”

Jenna Reiss'; class was truly amazing and inspiring. Going into my first breathwork class, I was nervous and unsure of what to expect. Jenna guided the class through the breath work comfortably and confidently, quickly putting all my nerves at ease. I felt safe and protected through the entire process which led me to have a very moving, emotional and deep meditation experience. I would highly recommend Jenna's class to anyone!

— Tracy


“i went to the class with no expectations and walked out feeling lighter and extremely happy.”

There really are no words to describe my experience in Jenna's Breathwork class. I went in to the class with no expectations and walked out feeling lighter and extremely happy. That feeling lasted for 2 days. Jenna is a natural at walking you through this amazing journey. She makes the entire room feel safe and warm. I highly recommend Jenna's Breathwork class to anyone, It really is an amazing experience.

—  kelsi

"i've been able to resolve and seek clarity on so many of my biggest issues."

I’m a type-A control freak, totally controlled by my mind (for context, I’m a Capricorn, if you’re into that kind of thing). I’m also a huge skeptic, probably because I’m just so rational and pragmatic, which doesn’t really serve me when it comes to my emotions. The first time I took Jenna’s class was truly one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever had—I opened up and I was able to truly feel without my mind getting in the way. Every time I’ve taken a class since has only been a deeper, more raw, and more emotional experience. I’ve been able to resolve and seek clarity on so many of my biggest issues and make changes I’ve always wanted to make in my life. Jenna is such an amazing teacher—she truly has a gift—and I’m so glad I opened myself up to this practice. As she says, the hardest part is getting yourself there, and I am truly so thankful that I did. 

- SABENA co-founder and coo boxfox


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