EXPANDED WILD HEARTS :: an in person community healing experience

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EXPANDED WILD HEARTS :: an in person community healing experience

from 675.00

Expanded Wild Hearts: Releasing your Wild Heart

Mammoth Lakes CA

October 4-7

$825 onsite // $675 offsite

This weekend long women’s group intensive is about stripping away the layers of conditioning we’ve received, or experienced in this lifetime, about healing our stories, past and oftentimes seemingly everlasting pain so we can move through where we feel stuck and return to trusting limitless love. Love never leaves us, we simply fall prone to darker days, to darker moments, but even in those moments, love lives on inside you. The opportunity you have each and everyday is to move through the places where you feel stuck, so you can open to more opportunities. When you’ve been hurt, where you’ve been triggered, these experiences can create limiting beliefs that latch onto our bodies causing us not to love, not to trust. When you’re not loving though you’re playing it safe, staying small so you don’t have to feel the discomfort that comes from your wounds being hit. It’s when you return to love, choose love, this is when your wild, authentic heart explodes out of you and you step into all that you’ve ever dreamed of. This is when you see, you feel the pathway for living from your EXPANDED WILD HEART.


Friday October 4 arrivals by 1pm

Saturday October 5

Sunday October 6

Monday October 7 morning, leave by 12pm

Residential Cabin in Mammoth Lakes CA 


$825 onsite

$675 offsite

$600 sharing a bed onsite

*Payment plans available, please inquire directly & email < hello@jennareiss.com >

In this weekend long intensive you will 

:: Identify key blocks in your body and your life

:: Claim your nerves and fears

:: Connect to Mother Nature, let yourself be held by her magic

:: Learn about love and creating your own love bubble

:: Explore what it means to trust love

:: Experience meditation, breathwork, & Reiki through guided facilitations

:: Expand your heart

This is for you if you are feeling … 

:: stuck in fear

:: held back by, or confused by love

:: hurt by another

:: resistant to let go and move forward in your life

:: scared of who you would be without your block(s)

:: reluctant to trusting love

Few Notes for you

If you are staying offsite, please email me directly with where you will be staying. Here are some recommended places :: 

:: Juniper Springs Resort: https://www.juniperspringsmammoth.com/ (this is in walking distance, just down the road from the Mammoth residence where our healing circle will be happening

:: The Village Lodge: https://www.thevillagelodgemammoth.com/ (this is just down the road)

 This is for women only or female identified.

Transportation: I recommend driving. It is a 6 hour drive from LA, or a 1 hour flight. The flight times are irregular, so please be sure to check that out first. Once you fly in, talk with the airlines about transportation into Mammoth Lakes because it’s a little ways outside of the town. I’ll also be starting a carpooling list with all the women who are signing up so I can put you in touch with one another and you can carpool together, which is the option I recommend. 

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