Taking Time for You

Sometimes I think that loving yourself begins with making time for yourself. Taking yourself out of “the scene” and doing things just for you. Not for any other reason other than it gives you peace of mind. What exactly is peace of mind? Well I think it’s technically different for one person than it is for another. I think it could be closing your eyes and finding your spot of peace mentally, sitting there, and dwelling in that for awhile. Or for others it could be pure meditation, or what about finding peace of mind through mental interaction with your atmosphere. Any way you can, finding your peace of mind, once a day, or at least once a week, is crucial. It’s crucial to survival. It calms the mind, body and soul, and it has the ability to put things back together. That is not to say that things were broken in the first place, it just simply means it can give you a refreshing start.

Starting fresh is another paradox. It’s something that would have lots of different meanings to everyone. In this case to reach a refreshing start, I simply mean clear your head, re-gather your thoughts, and view the things at hand without all the clouds. It’s like clearing away the fog and seeing the sun again.

The reason I think its so important to do these things is because getting a refreshing start, taking this time for yourself, allows you/reminds you to be true to you.

Maybe you don’t have a hard time being true to you. But I can say, I most definitely can get lost in the things life throws at me, in the things I put around me, and the places I am in. It can be easy, and sometimes fun to just be where you are. But, clearing everything else away and refreshing your mind gives you the opportunity to reconnect with your soul.

In the every day life of interacting with other human beings it’s really easy to not necessarily forget your soul, but to simply follow along with the lifestyle of those around you. Remembering you for you, not what it is that makes you, but to the core, who you are, and reconnecting, constantly building upon your soul, is what will help you remain true to you.

For the people pleasers like myself, this forces me to being up the question of, how much time do you give yourself before others start resenting your time with you. Or with that question am I than simply contradicting the theme of this thought? ...taking time for you and for no other reason than to be you.