The Yellow Conference 2018

Going INWARDS so we can show up OUTWARDS

The room was buzzing and no one had even entered the room yet. The thunder downstairs from the noise of the 500+ people wandering around the Marketplace was electric. The Yellow conference was beginning with the MC introduction, then the Founder’s speech, then me. I got there early because LA traffic is no fun to stress in in general, but especially not the energy you’re looking to receive when you’re the one brought in to center and ground the room. I lite some Paolo Santo, the stick I carry with me in my purse for every occasion, and walked around the giant loft taking big deep breathes in. Then a quick bathroom break before being mic’d up. Of course what happens in the bathroom is that my pants split straight down the middle of the crotch region. I busted up laughing. There was no time for wardrobe malfunctions, I was about to go on stage. I would have to walk strategically to keep this newfound rip hidden and go on stage hoping there’s no need to bend over in front of these 500 strangers.


The founder of Yellow is a doll. Joanna built an experience simply because she felt that more attention needed to be paid on the brands, companies and individuals who are out there making a difference in our world, doing good.  We decided my purpose of speaking and guiding at this conference was to support these women in going inwards, ground them in their hearts, so they can show up in the world outwardly.

I’ve been going inwards my whole life, been looking at my insides since I was 5 years old and learning how to take that inwards reflection into my outside world and teach others how to do the same, is what I was put on this planet to do. Supporting a room full of powerhouse women and holding space for everyone to look at their inwards, their unknown, the space where possibility lives, this is the work that made my body feel alive.

I love every single class I teach, every single workshop, retreat, conference or company. The reason I can say that so matter of factly is because I know that this practice works. I’ve experienced it, and I’ve taught thousands of people who experience it. Now I had an opportunity to teach these 500 creative, soul-preneurs, that they too can be their best self with just their breath and the willingness to look inward.

The room shook. The women stood, wiggled their bodies letting the sensation that was alive within them be honored, be felt, and maybe even get a little bigger. Together they breathed into their nerves, breathed out their judgements, and tapped into their hearts asking their hearts to guide them throughout the weekend, asking their hearts for openness, understanding, and curiosity lead. All 500 women connected with their breath, used their breath to connect them with their dreams, with what they want to do, create, or change in their lives. Creating this reality with their minds, visualizing the sounds around them in this future moment, the colors, the people, the way they felt in this future moment. Every woman in the room gave themselves permission to see, feel and to truly believe in the feelings that make up their dreams. The mind doesn’t know the difference between an exceptionally detailed visualization and reality, so together they breathed into this future moment, connected with it as though it was happening today. They opened their eyes. All smiles, overcome with softness, led by curiosity and ready for a weekend of knowledge and connection fueled by passion.

And no one noticed the rip in my pants!

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