Today’s release coming through poetry.


Be still.

Be still my shaken breath.

Be still my stolen glances.

Be still my weary heart.

Be still my tear-soaked eyes for you can rest knowing that your emotions are your superpower.


We spend so much time treading water.

So much time dodging, jumping over waves, looking around us to see what needs to be avoided.

We spend so much time pretending not to see the beauty on the ocean floor that we forget just how much we have always loved the feeling of water blowing through our hair.

We forget how much we’ve loved the cleansing water rings left behind by our bodies.

We spend so much time in our fear, we forget that we’ve actually always loved to swim.


What good is a half-lite life?

If all the world comes down to is sitting in a bed as you breathe your last breath while everyone you have ever lived life with has left you behind and everyone that is left that you love is someone you’ve created, what good is a half-lite life?

No. I will find the miracle in the mundane. I will find the torch, create the torch if I must and walk the path through a full-lite life. I will lay in that bed one day with my heart bleeding love, saying goodbye to my human vessel, looking back with a smile radiating within because my life was lite many times over.


By me.