From the outside looking in...

I’m taking an online class for my business, as I look to create better systems, structure and experiences so I can best serve each and every one of you. In this program we were given an assignment to email twenty people that we love and trust, and ask them what they perceived, from the outside looking in, was our superpower. TWENTY people!? That was my reaction, it simply felt like too much. I couldn’t ask that many people to spend time in their day complimenting me. The discomfort I felt was likely expected and part of the reason this assignment was there to begin with. So I went ahead and pressed send on this email. Over the next few days these emails came through from people I know deeply well, people I trust with my everything, people expressing these thoughts, these notions they have from the outside looking in at me. Every time an email came through, I felt my heart might explode. One by one, love was passed through the internet to me. Each person spent their precious time writing up their understandings about me, who I am as person, and had the willingness and bravery to send it my way. With each expression, I would smile, hold my heart, sometimes even letting a tear fall. Love, upon love, upon love. I suddenly felt stronger, I felt more capable of creating these experiences I want to create. I felt more held than I think I have ever felt before. Everyone deserves this overwhelming abundance of love I said to my partner. Every single person.

As the emails slowed down, I realized why this felt so good. It has nothing to do with attention, but rather the complete feeling of being seen. For a long time now I’ve been filling myself up with my own love. I’ve held my wounds, my triggers in high regard, created space for them to be felt, to heal, and I’ve loved myself through each and every step. I have loved and honored myself through it. I believe that is why my heart was able to be so filled by this exercise, because it was already full on my love, so this love in my life externally simply complimented everything I was already feeling.

Give yourself the gift of being seen. Being heard. And as you’re bravely standing in your YOU-ness, fill yourself up with your own love so much that no outside reaction actually matters. Instead, you are seen, you are heard because you support you standing up there. That’s when others begin to truly see you. And if you’re standing there watching someone else do the same, maybe, just maybe, you can express the beauty that you see and feel from the outside looking in for them. Let your wounds flow out of you from love, with love so another can experience the fullness of being seen, being loved.

Express yourself. Express your love. Express the unspoken.