Trial and Error

By: Jenna Michelle Reiss for Liminas Magazine


Upon entering the working world as a quarter-lifer, you find yourself one of two groups: those who are certain of their career paths and move confidently forward chasing their dreams, and those who sit horrified among the undecided.

As excited as we are for our friends who are trusting in their chosen career paths; it can be incredibly overwhelming for those of us who don’t quite know our calling.

While we watch what feels like everyone making the right decisions for their future, we become paralyzed with fear at the thought of having to decide what kind of environment we want to be in EVERY DAY, for the REST OF OUR LIVES.

But being too focused on trying to answer that ominous question about our 10-year plan can actually be self-destructive. We become unable to focus on the smaller steps, the simple decisions, like what sounds good for right now, or what industry/job does NOT sound horrible to do on a daily basis for one simple year of life?

When I graduated from college I got a job teaching English in Spain. I had always been passionate about teaching, and like many post college graduates, I decided not to use my degree in journalism. That year in Spain was a year well spent. I learned more about myself than I ever knew I needed to learn, and when I left I was leaving with the knowledge that teaching was not my next step.

When I got back to the U.S., I further explored the education system by getting a job working with children with disabilities. I truly fell in love with every child I worked with; however, after a little over a year, I found myself remembering my passion for advertising. I had needed a break from it after college, but something inside me was telling me it was time to taste it.

I am now working at a creative advertising agency. The advertisements I work on are not exactly the kind of impact I’m hoping to make in this world, but what I’m learning is that I’m not exactly sure of where my passions and career will take me, but for now this industry fits me and my lifestyle

Allowing myself to dive into each passion that sparked my interest in college is how I’m learning what job I want to do everyday for the rest of my life. This feels right for right now so I decided to go with it and give it my all. When it no longer feels right, I will determine my next move.

Don’t let the career fear take over. Look at what sounds the most intriguing to you right now, and jump in. It might take a few different tasting sessions, but it will help you search through your passions. Once you’ve allowed yourself to explore your interests, you can focus on how to translate those passions into a daily income, and build your career path from there.

Be patient and remember that no job is a waste of time- there is always something to be learned about yourself, your wants, and your needs.