11 Differences Between Early 20somethings and Late 20somethings

1.    Would rather say no to precancerous freckles and use the 45 instead of sizzling in the sun all day covered in tanning oil

2.     No longer want to go out until 3am every night on the weekends. We’d rather get up early on Saturday mornings, work out, and enjoy the sunshine than be hung-over on the couch until 4pm and have done nothing with our day (although that still happens)

3.     Prefer a cup of tea or decaf coffee after 4pm on a work night because we need to get up early the next day

4.     Buy one another real birthday gifts instead of just birthday shots

5.     Think about what alcohol we should supply and food we should serve when throwing a party instead of expecting everyone to take care of themselves

6.     Contemplate the qualities in our man in regards to a long-term relationship or possibly even marriage, instead of just dating the guy who gets along with our friends best

7.     Consider switching to organic everything because we are beginning to see a new line on our face, or extra fat on our bodies from the years we used chemical filled makeup and ate KRAFT mac-and-cheese

8.     Can no longer do anything productive after a night of drinking, let alone go back to work on Monday after a weekend filled with it.

9.     Wash fruits and vegetables before cooking with them because we’ve now watched documentaries on the chemicals that we’re putting in our bodies if we don’t

10.     Would rather be warm and not “as cute”, than have a sexy outfit in the freezing cold. (this is relative)

11.     Consider buying a hotel room for ourselves instead of just crashing on one another’s floor, (operative word being ‘consider’ – not sure we actually follow through yet)