You Know You're a 20something When...

- you have a day dedicated to laundry

- you get drunk off of 2 glasses of wine

- you’re stoked about a fantastic deal on a couch for your  new place

- you’re really excited about the sale at Anna’s Linens or Joan’s Fabrics

- it takes you a whole week (or longer) to recover from a weekend of partying with your college friends

-you have to make dinner plans with your girlfriend at least a week in advance to ensure that you both can actually make it happen

-you begin thinking about booking that hotel room instead of crashing on your friends floor, {operative phrase being, “begin thinking…” doesn’t mean you do it yet}

-friends ask you to come out on a Saturday night, you say you’re staying in to watch a movie, they call you lame, and you could genuinely care less

-you find yourself unsure of the last time you had to make new friends

-you choose your career over your social life

-you spend all your paycheck on household objects and exciting new kitchenware

-you go home around 1am and feel like it’s a very “late” night

If this doesn't make you laugh a little bit and it's all still too depressing for you:

 a) it's okay but you are probably still struggling through your early 20's, and

 b) I promise, there is still a lot more fun to be had.