End of the Year Analysis

It’s the end of 2017. That means we’ve almost made it through 12 months, 365 days, 8760 hours and I’m not positive about you, but I know for me and I’m assuming you, that A LOT has happened! Some of us have more sadness in our lives than we had hoped 2017 would bring, while some of us have more love, created bonds and unions with new people helping us see more of the beauty and love in this lifetime. Or maybe you’re like me and have experienced both sadness, and deep darkness in juxtaposition to all your happiness and love. No matter where you are I know one is for sure, you changed, you evolved and you right where you are to be. Where you are right now in this moment of your life, is exactly where you are supposed to be. To clarify, it’s not that I think “everything happens for a reason” because that would insinuate that bad things happen to good people for a reason. However, I do believe that there is a gift to be seen in pain, just as much as there is a gift to be seen in happiness. It’s okay if you’re not yet ready to look at the gifts behind your pain, you will be one day and if you so choose to do the emotional and mental work you can, you will, transform your pain into power.

All of this is my incredibly long introduction to something I’ve had so much fun doing these last few years, and that is - an end of the year analysis. Doing these exercises have been incredibly helpful in wrapping my head around how it could possibly be the end of another year, while at the same time reflecting both on all the successes, gratitudes, lessons and creating a path forward from this place of abundance with today. In hopes of inspiring you to reflect on your wonderful life, wounds, scars and all, I’m sharing my year end analysis with you, and I encourage you to do your own analysis. These exercises are a combination of love from spiritual guide Danielle Laporte and my recommendation for a Life Coach, Sarah Khambatta.

End of the Year Analysis Overview

  1. Reflect back on this past year, what really mattered to you? What was the most important moments, experiences, from 2017?

  2. Reflect back on the changes you would like to make in your life. This isn’t about regrets, it’s about noticing where you are physically, where you are emotionally, and calling attention to the changes you would like to make in your life

  3. Stop Doing List: what in your life is completely out of whack? What could you stop doing to change that? What do you want to let go of and not bring with you into 2018?

  4. Gratitude. Gratitude because it brings everything into perspective. Bringing forthw hat in your life you are grateful for allows you to notice all the beauty that surrounds you, be sure to claim why you’re grateful, specificity creates more abundance within your gratitude.

My End of the Year Analysis

Reflect back...what really mattered about this past year

  • Pushing my practice forward

  • Moving in with my beloved, I love the life we’ve built, and continue building together and I look forward to many more memories with him

  • Making progress on writing my book

  • Feeling like I’m on a path of creation


What do I want to change both about where I’m at physically and emotionally

  • Continue to hold space for myself as I heal my own wounds and scars

  • Eliminate stressing about money

  • My calendar: it often feels burdensome, I’d like to allow more time for me to be creative with my time

  • Physically, I’d like to make progress on finding a spacious house, with a backyard, a healing center, additional rooms for my family to grow into, more storage and closet space


Stop Doing list // What’s out of WHACK that I don’t want to bring into the New Year...

  • Negative self talk and this layer of soft rage I give to myself (emotionally, physically, the works!)

  • Comparison Syndrome and/or Competing Syndrome

  • Procrastinating on standing big, expanding into my light

  • Texting and driving

  • Eating dairy and gluten

  • Letting other people decide if I’m doing a good job or not

  • Harking on my man

  • Complaining about having a lack of time

  • Saying, or feeding the energy of “lack of money” in any way shape or form

  • My sleep schedule, continue to allow myself 8 hours, and go to bed reasonable times so that I can get that

  • Continue with exercise I have been on for the last few weeks


Conscious Gratitude, be specific and explain why

  • I’m exceedingly grateful for my mobility because it’s how I’m able to be creative, how I express myself when I’m feeling heavy, it’s how I sweat and improve how I feel about my body, it’s how I connect with nature having my feet on the ground and feeling the earth inside me

  • The deepest of gratitude for my Breathwork practice and my Breathwork community because they help me feel me, they make me feel open, loved, they help me reconnect with me and remind me, without even saying a word, of my own authenticity

  • Love. because love is what has gotten me through my darkest days. Love with people, from people, love with the world, with nature, it’s love of myself knowing when to listen and when to help myself. Love.