The Unexpected Clarity Found in a Walk


Walk alone. This will give your body profound inner silence. You will start to notice the color of the flowers and the shape of the clouds. Walking alone rejuvenates the soul. It is when clarity is found.

Walk with a partner. As you observe the world around you, you’ll find that the bond that already exists between one another will grow and strengthen as you walk. The life solutions you’ll come to from the silence that breathes between your words will only bring you closer. Walking with a partner empowers us.

Sometimes, give walking precedence over running.

We are naturally fast paced- moving quickly towards the next meeting, running to catch up with our dreams, or racing to lose weight. We feel the faster the better. We forget that walking is great for the mind, body and spirit. Walking clears your thoughts, allows your soul to breath and for those minutes, reminds you that everything will be okay. It is through walking that you are able to feel the simplicity in the darkness that thickens your life so often.

My mother first introduced walking into my life.  Whether it was my whole family, or just my mom and I, the four-mile walks we would take on the beach gave us time to enjoy the world around us, appreciate the colors in the sunset, and get to know one another. As a teenager, many a walks were spent venting about my always emotionally distraught life, and as I grew older, I started getting to know my mom as a person and not just a mother. I began enjoying the activity of walking when I learned it was an untapped resource for bonding. 

The power of walking continued to develop later in life as I walked the streets with a passionate love. Walks with this man began innocently as the only way to connect among the constant chatter and commotion of college roommates and parties. It was our sanity, a time when we saw straight into one another’s soul.

Walking is therapy. It brings forth a sense of clarity in the everyday madness we live in. It provides normality for the soul as we reconnect with the earth and the beauty that thrives all around us. Whether you are introducing or reintroducing walking in your life, you will find transparency in a world of madness, connection to passion and reconnection with things that have always been important to you and yet you’ve lost along the way.

Walk. Just walk and find the unexpected clarity.


Post inspired by the novel “Walking in this World” by Julie Cameron

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